Clinical Nutrition

We value our patients’ overall health, that’s why we provide nutritional assessments that allow us to create personalized nutritional programs for the needs of each patient.

How We Can Help

Nutrition is the key to life, but it’s not easy to define what proper nutrition is for each person. Everyone’s needs are different, that’s why we provide our patients with personalized nutritional programs and assessments to aid in the body’s ability to heal itself.

In our individualized nutritional assessments, we provide our patients with choices for whole and organic food options that can combat possible disease. We see that a return to chemical-free foods, along with other dietary measures, is an effective answer to many health complaints and common conditions.

Our nutrition program is a cornerstone of naturopathic healing to achieve optimal health. What we put into our mouths has a profound effect on our physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Get back on the right track towards a happier and healthier you!

How It Works

Our treatment process relies on a system that uses natural remedies to help your body heal itself. This honest and holistic approach to healthcare is tailored to treat the root cause of your illness.


Your journey towards optimal health starts with us finding the root cause of your troubles.

Care Plan Formulation

The next step is to create a personalized care plan that addresses your conditions and/or concerns.

Monitor Desired Outcomes

The road to optimal health is a continuous journey. That’s why we make sure to monitor and track the success of your desired outcomes.

What Our Patients Are Saying

See for yourself why our patients love us. You can find our many positive reviews on Womply, Google, and Yelp.

“Gem in the Bowie Area”

I can't say enough good things about Dr. Johnson and her front-office staff, Ms. Bernadette! What a great gem to find in the Bowie/Crofton area! Ms. Bernadette always greets you with a smile and hug and offers all-round fantastic administrative support. Dr. Johnson is super thorough in her lab ordering, questioning/consultation, insight and patient. I love this wholistic to approach to health and I'm excited for my family and I to be going down this journey in health with All Things Natural Wellness Center!

–Howard Family

“A Lifesaver”

Dr. Johnson is highly skilled and attentive to her patient's individual needs. She takes time to listen to your ENTIRE health history, she asks clarifying questions, she is compassionate, and she does not rush your time with her. Furthermore, Dr. Johnson goes through all test results in detail and she explains medical and scientific terms clearly so that you leave with no confusion. She may even recommend in-depth labs such as micronutrient testing and food allergen/sensitivities testing; getting such test results through bloodwork has been a lifesaver for me. I still respect my traditional medicine doctors and I have them on my team, but Dr. Johnson has been the missing piece of the puzzle I have sought my entire life.

–Alethea Felton

“Highly Skilled”

Dr. Johnson is an excellent and a highly skilled doctor, who takes her time and give all of her attention in getting down to a patient health needs in their healing process. Dr. Johnson answers all of your questions and is so thorough with a patient needs. Thank you Dr. Johnson. –Audrey Ingram

“Personalized Approach”

Dr. Johnson is kind, warm, and trustworthy, and takes a personalized and holistic approach to patient care. She is easy to talk to, and it’s clear that her interest in you goes beyond your symptoms. This is what I like most about her - she doesn’t just see “headache” or “exhaustion,” but she looks underneath the symptoms to discover why YOU have a headache or chronic exhaustion, and then works with you to draw out your natural state of health. As a health provider here in Washington DC, I wouldn’t hesitate to refer clients to her!

–Peter Andoh

“Compassionate & Caring”

I saw Dr Johnson in October and was very satisfied with her compassionate nature, how she explained my health issues and how we would work on getting to the bottom of my concerns. I had a jade treatment in October and was pleased with it in helping with my lower back and neck issues. Thank you Lord for Dr Johnson and for anyone who is looking for a compassionate, caring and loving doctor who listens and hears what you are saying; Dr Johnson is the new doctor for you. Give her a try and you will not be disappointed!

–GC Willis Harrison

“Warm and Friendly”

I recently decided to find a naturopathic doctor after feeling hopeless with the treatments I had been getting from various western medicine doctors. During my initial conversation with Dr. Veda, she asked a lot of questions about my overall health, wellness, and lifestyle which really made me feel like she wanted to address all of my concerns and get to the root of my issues. She was warm and friendly, and the receptionist I spoke with was very information and friendly as well. I look forward to receiving treatment with Dr. Veda.

–Asia M.

“Goes the Extra Mile”

I was a patient of Dr Johnson in 2016. My GI tract was out of order, cholesterol level was high, vitamin D level was below an acceptable level, A1C reading was in danger. I sought help from traditional doctors who just did not know what to do. Three months with Dr Johnson and I was ready to be a poster child of success. She listens and is willing to go the extra mile to get your health back in the safety zone. Special thanks to Dr Johnson and her staff.

–Patricia Lewis

“Consistently Excellent”

The experience I have had with Dr Johnson et all has been consistently excellent. Dr Johnson is knowledgable, informative, patient, and considerate. Aaron is constantly a great support and conducts things with efficiency like a well oiled machine. Always a great experience at All Things Natural.

–Khumeacad K.

“Wealth of Info”

I visited after being disappointed with the diagnosis, or lack thereof, from traditional doctors. Although initially skeptical, I couldn’t be more pleased with both Doctors Johnson and Stewart and the wealth of info they shared after just 3 visits. From the insights of Dr. Johnson and the acupuncture with Dr. Stewart, I am ecstatic about starting and continuing my health journey at ATNWC.

–Heather Williams

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